ABC of California Press Releases

Opinion Editorial by Deborah Wilder and Jean Bjork published in Capitol Weekly on July 22, 2022

There are more women in the construction industry today than ever before.

Historically, the industry has been dominated by males, and while that is still true today, we are slowly challenging this reality as the number of women in construction is steadily increasing. In 2021, women made up 10.9% of the United States construction industry which is up from 9.9% in 2018.

This momentum is inspiring and is a motivator to continue the work of our many dedicated organizations, such as the Women Construction Owners & Executives (WCOE) California Chapter and the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of California. As leaders in the industry, WCOE and ABC of California chapters are working tirelessly to recruit, train, and create pathways for women to secure construction careers.

We are striving to increase diversity and inclusion in construction, which means we must advocate for policies that will get us closer to this goal. Therefore, we are proud to support Senate Bill 1115 introduced by Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) which will encourage more women to join the industry. The bill will officially establish a ‘Women in Construction Priority Unit’ and help create pathways for women to secure good, high-paying jobs in construction.

As construction professionals ourselves, we know firsthand that women working together is a crucial factor for success. It is imperative to unite and help each other succeed in this industry, and if SB 1115 passes, we will have access to more resources and supportive services that will help women across the state pursue careers in this ever-growing industry.