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Bakersfield Californian, March 23, 2022

This Women’s History Month we are highlighting women who are making a difference in the community here at 23ABC.

Women in male dominated fieldsIf you spend the day with these women, you’ll learn how to use everything from cranes to lifts. Their goal being to show if they could do it on their first day so could any other woman.

“Most of your training you learn here, you don’t have to have much training just the will to work,” said Bonita Sanchez, Welding Foreman at JTS Modular.

Bo started out at JTS as a welder then became a team lead and is now a foreman.

“I am very proud of myself for my accomplishments and where I am at today. It's been a lot of hard work working in this male dominated field. It's pretty hard looking for a job and I’m just really proud of myself.”

According to Bonita, when women get involved in construction there's no limit to the heights you can reach.

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