ABC of California is actively working for ABC members across the state to influence policy at the local level and at the state level in Sacramento.

In April, ABC California members participated in the annual Legislative Day to meet with their legislators to discuss issues impacting the construction industry. Check out the video below to learn more about 2023's Legislative Day meetings. 

ABC of California is Building the High Road

“As California invests in its future workforce, ABC of California plays an important role in offering a higher quality of life to the Golden State construction workforce – while doing its part to support historically disadvantaged populations by creating family sustaining careers in the construction industry."
-- John Hamo, Past Chair of the Board of Directors of ABC of California

What is a High Road economy?

High Road companies see their employees, the communities in which they operate and the products and services they provide as equally important to their financial success. These companies hold a long-term perspective and view the workplace an opportunity to create a significant business and social impact. High Road Employers know that, logically, their businesses are likelier to thrive and grow when they strengthen their marketplace by operating responsibly and compensating employees fairly[1].

Why is ABC of California endorsing a High Roads approach?

ABC of California is a voice for the State’s construction industry – representing working Californians building commercial, industrial, and residential projects with apprentices that graduate from state and federally approved apprenticeship programs in many of the construction trades. Our organization is pro-employee and naturally aligns with policies that support and open opportunities for California’s construction workforce.

What are the principles of a High Road Employer?

A High Road Construction Employer provides a safe workplace and training opportunities, believes in fostering diversity and inclusion, offers family -friendly benefits, maximizes a worker’s take home pay, implements policies that are worker and employee-driven, engages their local community, constructs sustainably and builds green environments, works to responsibly manage the supply chain, and encourages the opportunity to work where you live.

Why is ABC of California taking the High Road?

ABC of California acknowledges the High Roads principles as both practical and aspirational – believing our member companies represent the best practices of High Road construction employers by either currently practicing or striving to adopt these principles in their future businesses as policy changes allow.

Click here to download our High Roads Fact Sheet.